Basic Stovetop Popcorn 

After husband sent me an article how bad microwave popcorn is, I decided to stop buying it.

But then popcorn  is considered as one of the healthiest snacks
we can eat. And movie nights at home are incomplete without popcorn . The moment I told kids we may be giving it up and explained them why, they were heartbroken.

Microwave popcorn contains chemicals that can damage lungs and cause cancer ( further information here ) .  When I was reading the article they suggested to pop it on stovetop , alternatively. Heck yeah! But of course! Yes! Why didn’t I think of that?

I don’t mind if it takes a lot of work to do it on stovetop than microwave . Once I get used to it, I’m sure it’ll be an easy job . And I’m happy to always make my kids happy. 😉

I bought a generic brand popcorn to try first. I was a bit hesitant since it’s my first time to make it on my stovetop. I was hoping for two things  , that I don’t burn our house down or destroy the bottom of my stainless steel dutch oven. Gladly it never happened.

Without further ado, here’s the basic method for making popcorn on stovetop.   

Basic Stovetop Popcorn 

Ingredients :

  1. 3 parts popcorn kernels
  2. 1 part vegetable oil
  3. salt or butter to taste

Method :

  1. Use a heavy saucepan with a lid
  2. Heat the saucepan on medium heat
  3. When hot enough, pour vegetable oil into the saucepan , heat the oil for a couple more minutes.
  4. Put at least 3 kernels into the oil and allow it to pop.
  5. Add the rest of popcorn kernels to the bottom of the pot. Cover but with lid slightly ajar to allow steam to escape during popping.
  6. Shake the pan from time to time to ensure that all kernels pop.
  7. When popping slows down, remove the pan from heat.
  8. Season it with salt or butter.

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