Juiciest Chicken Breasts without the oven 

My oven is not heating well so I’ve been stovetop cooking for a little while now. I usually bake boneless chicken breasts since that’s the only method I knew and tested .

But I couldn’t let those breasts sit in the freezer a long period of time now. ( I have pizza too, but is there any other way to do it aside from baking ? )  Anyway…
I googled pan fry chicken breasts and checked every single recipe on the first page and decided to try this method . And wow, I was really impressed with the result. The kids savoured it along with rice potatoes and boiled carrots. While I ate it with salad and keep the remaining for (Filipino) soup I will make the next day.

The keys to a successful tender and juicy boneless chicken breasts without the oven are brining the meat prior to cooking, pan frying with lid and letting it poach in it’s juices during and after cooking.

Check the detailed method below.



5 boneless chicken breasts ( pounded )

black ground pepper and paprika

1 tbsp. of olive oil

Brine : 

To brine the chicken, mix thoroughly 4 tbsp. of salt (any kind) to 4 cups of warm water then pour it to raw chicken and let soak for 15 minutes or more.


  1. Brine chicken for a minimum of 15 minutes . Then wash and dry with kitchen rolls.
  2. Pound chicken with the bottom of mason jar. You may use whatever equipment you have in hand as long as it is enough weighty to pound each breast to its even thickness.
  3. Season with pepper and paprika ( or anyway you like )
  4. Prepare the pan with lid. Heat the pan over medium-high heat before adding olive oil.
  5. When it’s hot enough, lower the heat to medium and add the chicken to the pan. Cook only for 1 minute.
  6. Flip each chicken breast then turn the heat to low . Cover and let it cook for 10 minutes more.
  7. Turn off the heat . Keep the lid and let sit for another 10 minutes.
  8. Poke each chicken , it’s ready when the juices run clear.


For more information about the recipe visit thekitchn.com


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