writing again 

i found myself inspired by my little sister who is planning to start her own blog. i did this thing quite often but abandoned it immediately, i don’t know ..

sometimes i am not having it or i change mind. too lazy to write down what i did today, what i learned, what made me happy or upset. but tonight while tucked in bed and hearing the noise of the fan picking up air from my opened window, tonight i like to talk. of whatever. like maybe about myself.

i’m mel, in my thirties and mommy of three kids. i left my country (philippines) to join husband in canada. it’s been three years already and a lot has been changed. i felt tiny and outcast when we first arrived here, i knew nothing, i had noone. homesickness killed my enthusiasm, i was grumpy all the time . then i was struck by a fact that my kids are watching me. i should start setting an example. came 2017, i knew i had to do something. but how, where to start? i did little steps , slow steps, sure steps , climbing steps.

i’ll tell you more .


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